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"One of Our Own" by The Blast Family


A compilation CD of original music by members of the cast of Blast in support of One of Our Own. The proceeds from the sale of this CD will go directly to Mike to help him with his medical treatment and newfound living expenses. Click HERE for more info and to purchase via iTunes


Who is Mike Welch?


He is a 27-year-old musician, loves yoga, has the heart and soul of an adventurist and is an expert unicyclist. By the age of 25, Mike had cycled throughout the United States while performing with the Broadway tour of "Blast!" He was the 1st person ever to unicycle down Mt. Fuji in Japan, and has ridden over 1,000 miles through the Alaskan wilderness. Mike is now living through the greatest challenge of his life after a serious accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down.


After weeks in a hospital and months in a rehab center, Mike is learning to rebuild his life in a wheel chair, and focusing on helping others. Back in school and attending college in Chicago, Mike is working towards a PhD in Neuro Biology so he can be on the forefront of treating and hopefully, someday, curing spinal cord injuries.


Not once complaining or looking back, this talented young musician and adventurist has inspired everyone who has ever known and worked with him. Now it's our turn to help Mike achieve his goals.


The Recovery


After an 8 hour surgery, and weeks in a hospital, Mike entered the Rehab Institute of Chicago. There he began the process of learning how to get around in a wheelchair and be mobile without using his legs. Mike was already a powerful athlete on wheels, well a single wheel actually. Mike was an exceptional unicycle rider, and he loved exploring the Japanese landscape on his wheel - even riding down Mt Fuji - making him the ONLY person to ever do that!




Mike maintains a blog that you can check out to see current news. Mike is now enrolled at Loyola University Chicago pursuing an undergraduate degrees in biology and neuroscience that will lead to a M.D./Ph.D. program at a school doing spinal cord injury research, where he plans to contribute to the stem cell and spinal cord recovery community.


The Future


While we all hope for a full recovery, only time will tell if that will naturally happen. Mike is exploring treatment options as the medical field continues to advance. But he will need your help!!!!