Welch One Of Our Own
one of our own

A compilation CD featuring current and past members of the cast of Blast in support of one of our own, Mike Welch. Mike performed with "Blast" from 2005-2008. He played trombone and rode the unicycle in the show!

In July 2008 Mike was in Japan to perform with the show Blast II MIX. The first night in Matsumoto he was riding a bike down a steep road on a mountain and fell off of the bike. He shattered his T5 and fractured his T6, paralyzing him below the waist. He had a great surgeon perform an 8 hour surgery to stabilize his back.

The proceeds from the sale of this CD will go directly to Mike to help him with his medical treatments and newfound living expenses.

Please help the cast of Blast with this special fundraiser!

“One of Our Own” contains music performed by:

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Special thanks to Kyoto Tokyo, Lynda Lavin, Adam Rapa, and Mike Wille for the production and promotion of this CD

Thank you for purchasing this very special album and supporting our friend and family member, Mike Welch. My Love and appreciation for the people who helped create this album is beyond words. I especially want to thank Lynda Lavin, who paid for the first 1000 copies of this album to be printed. Lynda was the production stage manager for years with "Blast!", but she and Mike never worked together in the same cast, making it even more incredible that she was willing to go so far above and beyond with this project. And of course, I'm deeply grateful to all of the people who contributed their music, their time and their positive energy.

One remarkable thing about this project is that not one dollar was spent making any of the tracks. Although most of the musicians involved were members of "Blast!" at some point, there were also people involved who have never met Mike or seen the show. Mike's story and the nature of this project inspired quite a few musicians, engineers, and recording studios to participate at no cost to help bring this CD to life.

Another great thing about this album is that it includes tracks from people with widely varying experience in writing and recording music. Some of the people who contributed tracks have been recording music for years. For others, this occasion provided the impetus to create their own songs for the first time.

When I first started calling and emailing people asking them to contribute tracks for a compilation disc, some said, "Sure! I'll send you a couple of options and you can pick which one to use." Others said, "Well, I'd love to participate, but I don't have anything recorded. Can I make something?" Writing and performing a song is no easy task. Recording and engineering are completely different skills, which can be even more difficult. It was awesome to see so many cast members seize this opportunity to grow as recording artists.

And of course, the core purpose of this project is to generate funds for Mike. With the money raised from this album, we will be able to send him to India to receive a stem-cell therapy that has shown very promising results for many people. We'll also be able to help put him through school to begin a new career in medicine so that he can devote himself to helping others. Regardless of the outcome of his treatment, Mike's amazing spirit will certainly continue to inspire those of us who are lucky enough to know him.

With Love and Gratitude,

Adam Rapa
Producer “One of Our Own”

family \ ˈfam(ə)lē \ noun
A group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.

Since 2001, I have been very proud to be a part of the Blast family. Never so much though as I have these past 10 months while working with such giving, caring, dedicated and generous people as those who have given their time, talent and energy for such a loving cause. But most of all, I am proud to share the family recognition with Mike Welch, who inspired us all, and continues to do so every day with his spirit, strength, determination and love of life.

If there were a word to describe Mike Welch and what he’s about it would be ‘passion”. It’s his passion for life, his passion for music, his passion for adventure, his passion for love, and his passion to walk again and help others who are suffering from spinal cord injuries, that help make up the Mike Welch we have all come to know, respect and love.

How many people do you know who have unicycled 1000 miles thru the Great Alaskan highway, ridden down from the top of mountain peaks, and traveled throughout the US and abroad as a musician in a Tony & Emmy Award winning Broadway show - all by the age of 25?

An unfortunate accident has left him paralyzed but he has taken his misfortune and is turning it around to try and help others. Back in college now, and working towards a degree in Neurobiology he intends to be in the fore front of the new cutting edge technology for stem cell research and treatment.

All the amazing things that Mike has accomplished in his life is only the tip of the iceberg as to what we can still expect from him in the future.

Thank you for purchasing this CD to help aid Mike in his continual struggle to improve his quality of life, and the quality of those around him.

Lynda A. Lavin
Executive Producer “One of Our Own”

Welch One Of Our Own CD